Branding Web

New player in Finnish SME loan market

Credinord is Finnish business loan provider focused on SMEs. Project goal was to create branding, lead generation landing page and application pages. Stage 2 was to create website for investment collections and self service where individual investors can manage their finances.
Role UX, UI
Illustrations Anna Yashina


Modern strong typeface works great for banking-related digital services. Trustworthy but not ancient. We choose blue for its nordic heritage.

Web design

We choose an illustrative design to differentiate from other brands on the market. This style appears as a more modern and techy brand. The focus on hero illustration was to use well-known Helsinki landmarks. Footer illustration will show different areas of how entrepreneurs could benefit from a business loan.

It is all responsive and easy to use with mobile devices

One of the industry fastest application process

As a designer, my goal is to create easy-to-use and intuitive user interfaces. Various API-s and databases were leveraged.

Investors website

To raise capital we created another investor-focused website.

Investors dashboard

I designed a flexible self-service web app. investors can see there their returns and manage private or company investments. Investors have always 100% of control over their money. The challenge was to come up with a design that is easy to use even for not too tech-savvy users.