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Kaspar Nisu is an Estonian marketer and private coach. I have known Kaspar for years. We worked together in Dreamgrow. Later running Hepa fuel stations Kaspar became a client of Give. When Kaspar made private trainers license he also needed a personal brand. We worked in close partnership. Kaspar provided content and I created brand appearance and web experience. Kaspar had also private social media clients and we added a marketing section to the brand. I designed separate landing pages for the marketing area. Kaspar Nisu brand is always evolving and regular updates are being made.
Role Branding, Web design, Front-end development
Photography Siim Kinnas
Year 2020

Step 1 Brand identity creation

Kaspar Nisu speaks in a clear, supportive, and friendly manner. The same values apply to visual designs. We worked through several versions to find the right fit. We had more sport-focused options but in the end, we went with a classical version. The logo includes a symbol and a wordmark. Both parts can appear together. When circumstances allow only the symbol can be used. In the symbol, two letters compose the logomark. This represents the core principles of Kaspar Nisu brand: Working together for better results. The created brand is bold and flexible, not curvy. For ease of use, I designed both horizontal and vertical versions of the logo.

Logo design horizontal
Logo design vertical
Logomark design

Step 2 Web design for trainer website

Our goal was to create something edgy and dynamic. We went towards a lead generation page solution with an accompanying blog page. On the homepage, we can tell what Kaspar is offering. There are core principles of his training plans so that users can see if it is a good fit. The blog page is to generate traffic. We also build trust with real and authentic feedback. We used the scroll-based parallax effect to bring attention to details. The same applies to training plans and private training lessons. You can find them online but there can be more harm done with wrong ones or performed exercises. Private training sessions and tailor-made plans can benefit every sports enthusiast.

Private trainer website design

#Step 3 Bringin everything together as corporate visual identity

I had the website design ready. Also brand assets like social media profiles, business cards. We even had a design for a cycling jersey. It was time to organize everything together and create a brand book. A document explaining design principles for Kaspar Nisu personal brand. There are a set of rules on how to use a logo, work with typography, and examples of what kind of photography style to use.

CVI design
Business card design

Step 4 This was the beginning. Marketing journey starts

Kaspar also worked with marketing clients. As there was a strong personal brand created it was quite an easy decision to add a marketing section. We wanted to keep the brand appearance. We changed color usage. For the marketing side, dark and grey tones are in focus. Yellow is for attention-grabbing and focus. This helps to separate trainer and marketing areas visually. I designed and developed a WebGL-based intro page. for visitors who will come from traditional media or use kasparnisu.ee URL straight. All online traffic leads to an appropriate landing page.

Step 5 Marketing landing pages

I designed a business card type of single-page website. The landing page's purpose is to give an overview of the services Kaspar is offering.

Marketing manager website design

Step 6 Separate landing pages for niches

For marketing business promotion I designed separate service-based landing pages.

Marketing manager social media landing page design

Step 7 Connecting two into one and spreading the message

Kaspar loves sport and marketing. We both believe in digital media. Sometimes you need to step outside of your niche and use another channel for extra leads. I designed print advertising for "Jooksja" magazine. The purpose was to promote social media marketing for sport-focused companies. Let's hope that it will catch some attention.

Graphic Design for magazine