TechBurro insurance iOS mobile app UI/UX design

Licklist venue management system UI design
Techburro offers mobile insurance and needed easy to use app. One of the goals for this project was to come up with visual design what is rebrandable as mobile operators would like to use whitelabeled app.
Role Product Design, UI/UX
Year 2019

Block diagram of what we need to archive

VSL had basic wireframes and a general idea of what they want to archive. At first, I started drawing business flows and customer journeys. My first task was to understand what are end-user needs and how we can manage to make it work most conveniently. This also allows me to understand if all business needs are set and what needs to be designed. Initial idea was to use a chat-bot interface for insurance buying and claims. We did stick into this flow.

Licklist web

Wireframing and prototyping

After we had user flows in place we knew all technical requirements. I produced wireframes for all steps and states of the app. Using wireframes I created a clickable Invision prototype. This allowed us to confirm the idea and test functionality with users.

Licklist image 2
Licklist image 3

Visual design and final prototype

The third step in the process was to make everything look visually designed. A fully designed application was needed for engineers to start developing front-end functionality. I designed everything in Sketch and later created Invision prototype. We used a prototype for another round of user testings. The final prototype was also used for pitching purposes. It was ideal to introduce new coming soon options for Techburro's past and future clients.

Licklist image 4
Licklist image 4